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I am a coach, instructor, and matchmaker based out of Middleburg, Virginia and travel. I am truly grateful daily to live as an equine enthusiast, giving back to the wonderful community that has given so much to me.

"Lisa Reid is one of the best instructors in the country. She has an unusual ability to see potential in horses and riders, and the knowledge to bring out that potential."
-Jim Wofford

"I have known Lisa both in a teaching capacity, and in finding horses for myself and my students for several years. She helped me fine tune the "super pony" Theodore O'Connor through the advanced level, and is an invaluable eye on the ground. I also have a standing agreement with Lisa that if she ever calls me with a horse that she thinks is a good match for me, I will buy it sight unseen, I trust her eye for a horse that much.

Lisa is also an amazing person because not only does she have an uncanny eye for a horse and rider, but she also truely cares about our sport and her students. She gives her all to her students, and it shows in their results. I will continue to have Lisa find horses for me, as well as be a trusted teacher throughout my career."
-Christan Trainor,
Trainor Eventing

"One of the best pieces of advice that Jim Wofford has given us was to contact Lisa Reid for brokering horses. Lisa has a special gift for matching horse and rider. She truly cares, is honest and ethical. Over the past several years of working with her, Lisa has become a great cheerleader and a dear friend. She always seeks us out at events, and constantly asks how the horses are doing. She also reports on the horses she has helped us to sell.

Lisa has a keen eye for a horse. She very accurately represents each horse; never wasting any of our time. Every horse Lisa has found for us is a barn favorite and has gone on to excel."
-Samantha Allan and Jennifer Clover,
Allan Sport Horses

"My fifteen year old daughter and I have known Lisa Reid for the past year and a half. Lisa helped us find my daughter a horse one year ago after the first horse we purchased with the help of someone else was inappropriate for my daughter. We have been extremely happy with the six year Thoroughbred that Lisa found for us.

Being novice horse people (with only my daughter having taken five years of riding lessons and having leased several horses) Lisa provided an invaluable service. First, she listened carefully to my daughter as to what kind of riding she wanted to do and what type of horse she wanted. Then as she looked at horses she would educate us about conformation, personality, athletic ability and trainability. Her range and depth of knowledge, which she shares enthusiastically, inspires confidence. Lisa also works very efficiently. She is constantly scouting horses and she showed us horses that were good matches (both in characteristics and our price range). Having been through a disappointing experience once, Lisa took the time we needed to educate us, to “hand hold” and reassure us, and to find the perfect horse for my daughter.

My daughter and her horse have grown this past year training with Lisa. Lisa is patient but firm expecting a good ethic work and commitment to excellence.

I am thankful we found Lisa to help us in our journey of horse ownership and training for my daughter."
-Gretchen Wilcox

"As an adult amateur who has found two horses through Lisa, I cannot say enough about her. Lisa has the rare ability to see the heart, mind and soul of a horse and is able to match them with the right people. Both of my horses have been amazingly compatible with my abilities, goals, and personality, but have also challenged me to become a better rider and person. She doesn’t just teach us to be more effective riders, she also brings us into a lifestyle. She will go out of her way to make time to work with us not just on riding, but on learning to braid a mane, how to drive our trucks and trailers, how to load and unload our horses, how to put a show shine on our horses, tying our stock ties for us and so much more.

I can honestly say that I have learned more from Lisa in our 7 years together than I learned in the previous 20 some years at various lesson barns. Her extensive background in riding and her understanding of horses, matched with her endless patience in teaching us so much more than riding, is remarkable. For Lisa it is not just about riding, but about sharing our journey through life with our horses. Since meeting her, the joy that I have had in my relationship with horses from childhood has become richer, larger, and more fulfilling than I could ever imagine."
-Sue Krause

"I have had the privilege to work with Lisa for the last 6 years. As an instructor she always puts her riders and their horses needs above hers and never leaves a lesson "half done". She has a decisive vision and can clearly articulate how to achieve it.

Over the years I have seen many horses that Lisa has found for her clients (myself included) and am always impressed with the quality of horses she finds. Lisa has an uncanny ability to see young horses potential. I would always feel confident in a horse she finds."
-Terry Lockhart

"Lisa is a no-nonsense instructor, yet always has something positive to say about a particular combination. She is willing to work with any kind of horse or rider, regardless of their limitations and always tries to improve them.

She has a great group of students with a team mentality and a welcoming attitude to newcomers. She is a good coach at events and is very thorough in her course walks and post-ride analysis.

She has a good eye for a horse and tries to get to know the rider as much as possible before setting out to find a horse. Once she knows the ins and outs of a student's personality, she is able to quickly find the right match."
-Lindsay Berreth

"My daughter and I started training with Lisa two years ago. At the time, my daughter was 9 years old and we knew nothing about the sport of eventing. We were inspired by Lisa's energy and enthusiasm for teaching, her love of the horse, and her passion for the sport. Lisa puts a strong emphasis on creating a solid foundation of the basics including position, balance, softness, the effectiveness of the aids and strategic thinking. In addition to teaching riding skills, she also puts her focus on teaching good, solid horsemanship. Those lessons start and end before and after the riding takes place. We learned how to properly poultice and wrap our horses' legs, assess which studs are appropriate for certain footing conditions, figure out how to develop a plan during a course walk, etc. Lisa takes the time to introduce concepts and questions in a logical, step by step process. She knows when to let a concept "sink in" for a while, and when to take you to the next level. She encourages her students to evaluate their riding experiences and exercises from their horse’s perspective. That skill is invaluable in any equestrian sport. Lisa also found us a wonderful eventing partner for my daughter. He is safe, reliable, capable and great fun for her as she continues to develop and learn about eventing."
-Michelle Francis and Audrey Francis (child amateur)

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