“My daughter and I started training with Lisa two years ago. At the time, my daughter was 9 years old and we knew nothing about the sport of eventing. We were inspired by Lisa’s energy and enthusiasm for teaching, her love of the horse, and her passion for the sport. Lisa puts a strong emphasis on creating a solid foundation of the basics including position, balance, softness, the effectiveness of the aids and strategic thinking. In addition to teaching riding skills, she also puts her focus on teaching good, solid horsemanship. Those lessons start and end before and after the riding takes place. We learned how to properly poultice and wrap our horses’ legs, assess which studs are appropriate for certain footing conditions, figure out how to develop a plan during a course walk, etc. Lisa takes the time to introduce concepts and questions in a logical, step by step process. She knows when to let a concept “sink in” for a while, and when to take you to the next level. She encourages her students to evaluate their riding experiences and exercises from their horse‚Äôs perspective. That skill is invaluable in any equestrian sport. Lisa also found us a wonderful eventing partner for my daughter. He is safe, reliable, capable and great fun for her as she continues to develop and learn about eventing.”