About Me


I moved to Virginia at age ten where I started riding lessons for 3 dollars an hour. I walked polo ponies, mucked stalls, and did whatever else I could for the next several years in order to ride. At age 17, I took my Horse Master’s exam and received my BHSI (British Horse Society Instructor) certificate. I broke and galloped race horses after high school and rode my first race at age twenty. Three years later an opportunity opened up to travel to England and train to become a jump jockey. I took it eagerly and rode races throughout Europe for eight years. Before returning to the U.S., I received my BHSII certificate and rode to the upper levels in Eventing.

Having studied under some of the Great Masters in Europe by age 35, I wanted to start giving back to the sport which had taught me so much about what true passion, commitment, and trust is truly about. By this time I knew I had an innate talent for communicating with both people and horses. So, a new career began. But I not only wanted to instruct, I also wanted to incorporate the skills I had developed over the years by bringing along young horses and taking them to the upper levels. Thus my “Horse Finding” business began. For me, what I keep first and foremost in my heart is the integrity and honesty for the horse. It is for the sheer joy I receive that I do it.

From there, I have successfully used the skills I have mastered over the years to train many students from the lower levels up to the upper levels. I have brought many up through the three-day levels, Pony Club National Championships, and the American Eventing Championships, with a number of those horses being ones which I have found.
But throughout all of my accomplishments, the one I am most proud of has been as a single mom raising my 20+ year old daughter into adulthood and watching her become a successful, honored scholar at George Mason University.