CDCTA Trainer of the Year: 2020 and 2019

CDCTA Year End Award Banquet for 2018

Lisa won CDCTA’s Eventing Trainer of the Year Award in 2018 (adding to her previously won awards in 2014 and 2012). She was there at the banquet in January 2019 to not only receive her awards, but congratulate her students winning theirs as well, including the 2018 CDCTA Thoroughbred of the Year award.

CDCTA’s Eventing Winners

Winning the 2018 Inaugural Maryland TB/STB Eventing Series

“Lindsay credits her eventing trainer Lisa Reid, who found Oh So for her in 2007, and her dressage trainer Heidi Berry for helping the pair every step of the way. Here’s wishing their 11-year partnership continued success in 2019! …[read more]”

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Lindsay and Oh So Extreme: A Match Made with Notable Results

“Soon after I realized Sam’s competitive days were numbered, I enlisted the help of my trainer, Lisa Reid, to help me find a project. I had never trained a horse from scratch before, so it was going to be an experience. She has been finding horses for people for many years, so I trusted her to find one for me that had the talent to go prelim, at least. I certainly didn’t know what to look for! She found Oh So through Dustin and Michelle Craig at Westwind Farm

…I brought Oh So home in September 2007. Through patient training with Lisa and my dressage instructor, Nicky Vogel, Oh So has become a great partner. Lisa’s approach is to train a horse so that they think there is nothing they can’t do. At this point, Oh So will jump anything I point him at. He lives for jumping.”

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– Everything Eventing by Lindsay Berreth

Lindsay Berreth Jumping a XC Fence on Oh So

USEA Members Story: Another Winning Match by Lisa

“I now have ‘that’ horse. You know the one that your just absolutely click with. After a few misfires with beautiful Thoroughbreds, I followed the orders of horse finder extradonaire, Lisa Reid. She found this Amish horse in the side of an icy mountain in Pennsylvania. No one suspects that he’s as good as he is when he’s just standing there, but after winning such events at the Waredaca Training Three-day Event, he’s got the goods!”

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Lisa Reid Comments on Christopher Reeve’s Fall

“For Reeve, all that was apparently required for disaster was a slight shift in his weight. The actor and Eastern Express were galloping easily toward a zigzagged, three-foot-high rail jump, the third of 15 jumps they were to navigate on the two-mile course. ‘He was in the middle of the pack on the scoreboard, and he was pretty excited about it,’ says Lisa Reid, 42, a 24-year veteran horse trainer who first met Reeve a year ago and witnessed his May 27 ride. ‘The horse was coming into the fence beautifully. The rhythm was fine and Chris was fine, and they were going at a good pace.’

But then, Reid says, that seamless synergy between horse and rider dissolved suddenly, and devastatingly. ‘The horse put his front feet over the fence, but his hind feet never left the ground,’ she says. ‘Chris is such a big man. He was going forward, his head over the top of the horse’s head. He had committed his upper body to the jump. But the horse—whether it chickened out or felt Chris’s weight over its head, I don’t know. But the horse decided, ‘I can’t do this.’ And it backed off the jump.’ But Reeve kept moving, pitching forward over the horse’s neck. To Reid it appeared that Reeve first hit his head on the rail fence, then landed on the turf on his forehead….[continue reading]”

Fallen Rider by People