Lisa Reid Eventings Student

As an Event Instructor, my desire is to expose my students to as much as possible in order to secure their knowledge and master the basics. To do this, I make sure to educate my students far beyond the level they will be competing at for both knowledge and safety reasons. I also make sure that the horses are exposed to all the different obstacles and environments which they must be confident over in order to become successful competitors. It’s all about confidence. I love teaching my students and watching them grow and develop into confident, respectful, and successful competitors.

Throughout this amazing voyage, I go far beyond the normal through my commitment and my purpose. I am always there for them from their daily lessons, to coaching them at the competitions. I believe anyone can win at any level! In order for that to happen, I’ve designed a program to educate each student specifically to meet their own individual needs and goals, in which they will gain confidence. This has and will continue to lead to success while having a whole lot of “fun” getting there!