“As an adult amateur who has found two horses through Lisa, I cannot say enough about her. Lisa has the rare ability to see the heart, mind and soul of a horse and is able to match them with the right people. Both of my horses have been amazingly compatible with my abilities, goals, and personality, but have also challenged me to become a better rider and person. She doesn’t just teach us to be more effective riders, she also brings us into a lifestyle. She will go out of her way to make time to work with us not just on riding, but on learning to braid a mane, how to drive our trucks and trailers, how to load and unload our horses, how to put a show shine on our horses, tying our stock ties for us and so much more.

I can honestly say that I have learned more from Lisa in our 7 years together than I learned in the previous 20 some years at various lesson barns. Her extensive background in riding and her understanding of horses, matched with her endless patience in teaching us so much more than riding, is remarkable. For Lisa it is not just about riding, but about sharing our journey through life with our horses. Since meeting her, the joy that I have had in my relationship with horses from childhood has become richer, larger, and more fulfilling than I could ever imagine.”